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Nathan Hall

“A try-anything aural dreamer with the skills and programming genius to mount ideas both intriguing and outrageous” - Westword

Hailed as a “seriously talented composer” by the Denver Post, Nathan Hall’s works have been deemed “fearless” in their multifaceted expressions of the composer’s personal and musical identity. Nathan uses music as an artistic medium to explore a variety of fields including science, nature, the fine arts, history, and sexuality. There is an emotional resonance present in all of Nathan’s works, from his traditional classical pieces for chamber ensembles to experimental electronic pieces, sound sculptures, and multimedia projects. 

Nathan’s drive for making site-specific work is tied to his passions for travel and cultural exchange. Other works are inspired by the composer’s sexuality and experiences as a gay man, creating a special intimacy between performer, place, and audience.

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Photo credit: Lewis Neeff

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