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Che Buford

Che Buford (he, they) is an NYC-based artist whose work explores creating new narratives within the world of music while engaging in themes of memory and place. 

Che performs as a violinist in various musical settings: traditional orchestras, chamber music, improvisational performance, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Dedicated to breaking down barriers of traditional concert presentation, Che celebrates and performs music by today’s artists, works by those historically underrepresented, and his own music. Works previously programmed include pieces by Jessie Montgomery, Brian Raphael Nabors, Chris Cerrone, Carlos Simon, and Tania Leon. He has also had the opportunity to participate in The Next Festival for Emerging Artists as a Fellow, Westben’s Performer-Composer Residency and, Boston Center of the Arts ACTivate residency where he collaborated with Marimbist, Steph Davis.

 Learn more about Che Buford online at:

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