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Capricious March

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Capricious March
by Ayumi Okada

For Solo Piano, Late Intermediate, 5 Pages

This is a comical solo piano piece depicting a moment in children’s daily life. It is inspired by Ayumi Okada's own experience growing up in Japan where children go to school on their own. 

Portrayed in this piece is a group of children, living in the countryside, walking to school together. As soon as they start their journey to school, they find a puddle in the middle of the path and jump in. After having some fun playing in it, they try to go towards their school but still feel playful so they look around instead. A little frog hops in on the path.

While all other children are absorbed in the chase, one child attempts in vain to remind everyone that they should probably head to school. After missing the frog in the ditch, they are too disappointed to get back on track. However, when one of them suddenly remembered that there’s a quiz at the beginning of the first class, they dash to school at last.