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Anthology of Countertenor Arias

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Anthology of Countertenor Arias, transcribed by Aaryn S. Ricucci-Hill

Ricucci-Hill's Anthology of Countertenor Arias is a collection of arias spanning the Baroque to Romantic eras. So often the countertenor is stuck between singing only early music or the most modern works while ignoring a lot of music in between. While this anthology certainly contains plenty of Baroque music, it does not shy away from early Mozart, a pants role by Strauss, or even the rare Meyerbeer either. Furthermore, range is also explored extensively in this edition. With the increased awareness of the countertenor voice and better pedagogy associated with it, countertenor students may find their range is capable of more than originally thought. That's why this edition offers pieces not only for the alto range but the soprano as well!

Note: Upon purchasing, if there is an aria you particularly wish to perform, but desire a transcription in a different key, feel free to email Ricucci-Hill ( for transposition services. There will be a fee of $2/transposed piece.