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24 Preludes

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24 Preludes, by Nathan Hall

For Solo Piano, Early Advanced, 35 Pages

Nathan Hall's 24 Preludes is a collaboration with pianist Rose Lachman. The preludes are part of a well-tread lineage including collections by Scriabin, Chopin, and Bach. There is one short movement for every key, major and minor, often exploring a single musical idea. Twelve movements correspond to the months of the calendar year, inspired by landscapes in the 13th century book of hours the "Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry". The other alternating twelve correspond to the qualities of the Zodiac signs that fit most within that timeframe. While they often take unexpected and curious turns, their imagery is always evocative, imaginative, and engaging.

Nathan Hall’s works have been called “fearless” in their multifaceted expressions of the composer’s personal and musical identity. Nathan uses music as an artistic medium to explore a variety of fields including science, nature, the fine arts, history, and sexuality. Nathan Hall is a former Fulbright Fellow to Iceland, and holds his Doctorate in Musical Arts from the University of Colorado, Boulder. His works and collaborations have been performed and exhibited around the world and his music has won numerous awards. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Nathan Hall's 24 Preludes featured on Colorado Public Radio:

Clavier Companion Review Excerpt

"As a whole, this enjoyable set is tranquil and soothing. Standout preludes are "Aquarius," with its mysterious staccato notes in 5/8 meter, and "Taurus," which contains a gentle, never-ending stream of eighth notes over static harmonies. Because of the diverse styles and rhythmic sophistication of the 24 Preludes, I would recommend this set only for the late-intermediate-to-advanced pianist who is seriously interested in twenty-first-century music. However, the pianist who puts forth the effort to master these preludes will be richly rewarded with a wonderful, unique work that will please almost any audience."
- Ernest Kramer, Clavier Companion Jan/Feb 2019